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Browse the products that we already have in stock including garage doors, benches and classic gates from our collection such as the Aconbury.

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The Dorstone
3.6 m wide x 1.87 m high
Dorstone     Dorstone


3.7 m wide x 2.3 m high 
Bespoke     Bespoke


0.97 m wide x 0.9 m high 
Luccombe    Luccombe


0.8 m wide x 0.9 m high 
Luccombe     Luccombe


1.8 m wide x 0.46 m deep x 0.51 m high
Bench   Bench   Bench   Bench


Painted Garage Door 
2.5 m wide x 2.29 m high 
Garage Door    Garage Door


Osmo'd Garage Door 
2.42 m wide x 2 m high
Garage Door


Bespoke Door in Frame 
0.958 m wide x 2.1 m high 
Door     Door


Single Leaf Belmont
2.7 m wide x 1.2 m - 1.4 m high  
Belmont     Belmont


Pair Belmont
2.1 m wide x 1.1 m high
Belmont     Belmont


Aconbury Pair
4 m wide x 1 m high


2.09 m wide x 1.56 m high
Bespoke Gate
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