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How often should I clean my gates? 

We recommend cleaning gates twice a year. It helps to time cleaning your gates with when the clocks change as this gives you the opportunity to prepare them for the season ahead. 


What should I clean my gates with?

We recommend using a simple solution of water and sugar soap to clean both finished and unfinished gates. 


Why are the hinges on my gate squeaking? 

We use high quality Charles Collinge hinges which should require minimal maintenance. If however, the hinges on your gate appear to be squeaking then please contact our team for further guidance.  


Can I clean my gates with a pressure washer?

We do not recommend cleaning your gates with a pressure washer although make sure you stand well back if you decide to use one! 


What is the mossy residue on my gate? 

Mildew and algae can cause wooden gates to rot as they trap moisture inside the wood so that even when a gate appears to be dry on the outside after a few sunny days, it may still be damp internally. Rot will attach itself whether a gate is finished or unfinished however, the good news is that it could take up to several months for rot to set in on a clean gate so cleaning your gate effectively using our guidance above can help to prevent the onset of rot. 


Why has a crack appeared on my painted gates? 

As painted gates wear, a hairline crack may appear as water seeps under the layers of paint. If you notice any signs of cracks on your painted gate or think that the finish may be wearing, we recommend touching it up using the original Osmo paint or contacting us for further guidance. 


How can I maintain my painted gate? 

Clean your painted gate twice a year with water and sugar soap. It may also require refinishing every two years - even if it doesn't look as though it needs doing! 




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