Oak Leaf Gates

The Original Cast Iron Hinge

For over 200 years this hinge design has been used on some of Londons finest buildings.

Still cast by hand in the traditional way using molten cast iron, poured into sand moulds made using old patterns. See the gallery for more images of the foundry.



Charles Collinge Retail Price List 2018

 ( Priced as one strap hinge with one surface mounted cup )

- Available as Left or Right handed versions - 

18" (458mm) = £109.20 plus VAT and postage

24" (610mm) = £126.10 plus VAT and postage

30" (762mm) = £161.85 plus VAT and postage

36" (914mm) = £189.15 plus VAT and postage

42" (1067mm) = £268.45 plus VAT and postage

48" (1219mm) = £326.30 plus VAT and postage

60" (1524mm) = £447.20 plus VAT and postage

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